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Welcome to the Video Game Review Station! Due to the increased complexity and scope of my video game reviews these days, I thought that it would be best to greatly simplify the main/home page and add this particular page with the focus being exclusively on my ever-growing video game review collection! I anticipate that consoles ranging from the classic Sega Genesis and Game Boy systems to the newer Nintendo DS and Xbox 360 powerhouses will eventually make their way into the fold, so this decision was only natural. Hopefully, it will make for a "cleaner" appearance overall and visitors such as yourself will no longer have to navigate through endless menus on the home page.

In any case, please enjoy the reviews along with the rest of The Tigmo Dimension website!

NES Nostalgia

Being your typical 80's kid, I grew up playing the good old Nintendo Entertainment System...a lot! The classic 8-bit graphics and sound, the simplistic yet challenging gameplay, and of course the countless memories of playing epic games with friends & family as a child are just a few things that come to mind. At least to me, the NES is video gaming in its purest form. Even though the graphics and music are ancient by today's standards, the NES has what matters most: a huge heart. In NES Nostalgia, you will find a treasure trove of in-depth reviews featuring some of my favorite (and not so favorite) NES games along with a nifty rating scale. Check it out if you want to relive the glory days of video games!

Super NES Special

When the Super NES came out way back in 1991, I have to admit that I was a bit stubborn. Being a diehard NES fan at heart, I stuck with the NES as my lone console until 2000 (yes, 2000!) when I finally decided to give this 16-bit wonder a chance. All I can say is that it sure took long enough because the Super NES simply screams fun with its 16-bit graphics and stereo sound along with the same solid gameplay that made the NES so special.

Sega Sensations

Although I have always been a huge fan of all things Nintendo-related, there is no shame in having a soft spot for some of Sega's offerings as well. After all, without classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, Shining Force, and Panzer Dragoon, wouldn't the video game world be a little less bright?

Playstation Power

Once it became apparent that the Super NES' life was dwindling, gamers everywhere pondered what would happen next. Enter the Sony Playstation. Although N64 diehards might disagree, the Playstation truly was the heir to the throne in this gamer's humble opinion. There are just too many great PSOne and PS2 games to ignore and many third-party companies such as Capcom, Squaresoft, and Konami really shined on the Playstation. And when it comes to epic, high-quality RPGs, both the PSOne and PS2 consoles were simply loaded with them!

Wii Wonders

Over the past few years, I have really fallen in love with Nintendo's Wii console! Featuring unique motion controls and tons of incredible games (with plenty of retro games to keep old-school gamers like me happy), the Wii offers something for everyone. It is my hope that this section in particular will really grow in the coming months!

DS Dreams

Although I always enjoyed playing the occasional Game Boy or Game Gear game with friends and family, it wasn't until late 2008 when I finally took the plunge myself and bought my first ever handheld gaming console: a Nintendo DS. And not only that but just recently, I purchased the brand new Nintendo 3DS system! And my oh my...both the DS and 3DS systems are incredible! They have truly caused me to fall in love with handheld gaming. In this section, you will find reviews of both regular Nintendo DS games in addition to the more flashy 3DS games. Do enjoy!

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