Console: NES

Company: Tecmo

Release Date: December 1991

Genre: Sports

Number of Players: 1 or 2

Save Feature? Yes

Tecmo Super Bowl is the best football game for the NES and could make a case for the best NES game...period. The gameplay is a dream and the lasting value is amazing. I got the game nearly ten years ago and I still enjoy it as much as ever. Very few games have this quality.

Overview: Tecmo Super Bowl is the most complete football game for the NES. This is largely because of all of the options in the game. You can play preseason, regular season, or pro bowl games with one of 28 teams (sorry, but Carolina and Jacksonville weren't around yet). There are loads of statistics to view in Tecmo Super Bowl. You can view passing, rushing, receiving, and even punting statistics. The main goal of the game is to take your team to the Super Bowl. To do this, you have to do well in the regular season (you'll play 16 games) and win in the playoffs. If you can win the Super Bowl, you'll be a grand champion!


Graphics: Tecmo Super Bowl has pretty good graphics. They aren't great but they're still pretty solid. I do have to mention that the team uniforms are excellent (Cincinnati's black and orange looks cool.) The cinema scenes contain some of the best graphics of the game. Where Tecmo Super Bowl really stands out is in the animation. For the NES, the image breakup is very low. This is exceptional since you have 22 football players moving at once! Sometimes even the fans get into the action. How Tecmo did that on the NES I'll never know! :) The helmets (that you see right before the coin toss) look exactly like the real ones which is cool. You really get the feel of football in this game and that is largely because of the graphics.

Music: The tunes in Tecmo Super Bowl are pretty good (especially in the playoffs). There are a lot of different themes and they create a neat atmosphere (e.g. touchdown theme). I like the variety of music and the beat throughout the game. It isn't outstanding music but it never gets annoying and like I said, it creates a nice atmosphere. The voice when you score (it says "Touchdown!") is pretty cool.

Play Control: Unlike football games that take forever to learn, the learning curve in Tecmo Super Bowl is a breeze. The controls are so precise that when you make a bad play, you can't blame the controller. :p The players move very smoothly and passing the ball is a cinch. The excellent play control really makes TSB stand out from other football games.

Challenge: TSB really shines in this catagory. Too many football games are either too easy or too hard. TSB has just the right challenge though. The first few games of the season are relatively easy. However, if you win several games in a row, (e.g. 6-0 record) it seems like the computer steps in up a notch and really pushes you to the limit. It's almost like the game has AI that will make the game really tough if you're playing well. As you might expect, the playoffs are extremely tough! Getting the Lombarti Trophy in this game is very difficult! Practice is the key.

Storyline: It's the 1991 NFL season and you get the take command of your favorite NFL team. If you're good enough, you might be able to lead your team to the playoffs and possibly even the Super Bowl! How could an Atlanta Falcon fan like myself find any better storyline than this? Atlanta had that great run to the Super Bowl a few years ago but it reality, they aren't a perennial winner. Beating the 49ers 72-7 and winning the Super Bowl with the Falcons was a dream come true for me...even if it was only a game. ;)

Funfactor: This game is a blast to play (especially with two players)! Around football season, I always seem to get back into this game in a big way! Just having all 28 NFL teams, stats galore, several modes of play, nice graphics, solid play control, and a tough challenge make this the most exciting sports video game ever IMHO!! Games that are this fun come around only once in a blue moon.

Negatives: Tecmo Super Bowl is very outdated when it comes to the players. Steve Grogan was still around for crying out loud! It is kind of cool to have the older players in this game though so maybe it's not that bad.


Ratings: Graphics: 4.2 Music: 4.2 Play Control: 4.8 Challenge: 4.8 Storyline: N/A Funfactor: 5.0* Overall Score: 23.0 out of 25.0 (4.6 average) Overall Rating: Golden Classic!!


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