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Welcome to my Personal Info page! I must have really piqued your interest for you to come here! Although many friends and family members love to call me by my Tigmo nickname, my real name is Matthew Hull. I was born in Tennessee, raised in Ohio, and I spent my high school/college years in Indiana. I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in April of 2004 (Summa Cum Laude baby!), spent the next several years with my family in Arizona, and I now find myself living in Utah with my lovely (and pregnant!) bride Sandy. Although I am now in my thirties, my love for video games and cartoons and sports have not diminished one iota. Who wants to grow up, right? ;)

You're probably wondering how a seemingly normal guy could earn a nickname as obscure as Tigmo, right? I could be mean and keep it a secret for the sake of mystique and all but, since several of you have inquired about this over the years, I will be nice and explain all...not that there is much to explain but still!

Looking back on my childhood, I was quite the rambunctious, energetic young lad. We had a huge home/yard in Fairfield, Ohio and, as a result, I would always run to my destination. We would be watching a movie or a sporting event and I would run to my room to get something and race back so that I didn't miss anything! And like most kids, I loved to jump on my bed or jump down the stairs or simply bounce around on the living room furniture (I don't recommend that last one!) For some odd reason, I just never seemed to get tired! Even though some of my friends could run faster than me, I would outlast them with my crazy endurance. They would get all worn out and there I was still bouncing around and tearing across the house like a maniac! I miss those days and how I wish I still had energy like that!

Based on that information, can you deduce why I was christened Tigmo? Think about it! Who bounces around incessantly, knocks things over, and wears everyone out? Why Tigger of course! Granted, my nickname isn't Tigger exactly but I distinctly recall my Dad calling me Tigmo because of my wild, "Tigger-like" antics. Whatever the reason, the nickname stuck and, as they say, the rest is history. Although my friends have come up with other nicknames such as "Slasher" (I can thank my speed for this one.), "The Incredible Hull" (Hull SMASH!), and "Mr. Nintendo" (Self-explanatory), "Tigmo" has been the mainstay. Tigmo is included in this website's title, my personal email address, and even my eBay Store! Say it loud and say it proud I say! :)

In any case, I strongly encourage you to check out my eclectic selection of links below! If a trip down the rabbit hole sounds appealing, then you will certainly enjoy "The Question" as it ponders that really big question that catches up with all of us at some point. It starts with a mythical encounter between myself and "The Question." If you delve deep enough, you will eventually discover the Answer I have found in my travels.

If you feel a little blue and you desperately need a healthy dose of hope and inspiration, I do hope that my lengthy "The Glory Years" story will provide you with a real lift! Here, I recall my sports experiences with a primary focus on my junior high/high school years playing basketball. You will learn a lot about my past as well as the many ups and downs I had to go through to make these truly "Glory Years." My former teammates, friends, and family members will particularly enjoy my story!

And lastly, the "Mr. Nintendo" section is by far the most lighthearted of the three. It is here that I discuss my favorite pastime: playing video games! Some of my favorite memories include playing games with friends and family members. You just can't beat nostalgia and, despite the unbelievable advances in technology over the past 25-30 years, nothing can top the good old 80's.

Aside from the three aforementioned areas, I would encourage you to friend me on Facebook! It's set to "Private" so you'll need to search for "Matthew Hull" (or simply plug in the email address at the bottom of this page) to find me.

Also, since a multitude of you have requested that I post pictures here ever since the website's inception (way back in!), I finally decided to give in. Do check out the pictures below! They are all thumbnails so just click on them if you want to see the normal versions. My brother Nathan is in the third one below and my wonderful wife Sandy is in the last one. That one of me holding Mega Man 5 was taken right after I got the game as a surprise gift during the Christmas of 1992! Ah...the memories...

The Question

Mr. Nintendo

The Glory Years - Part 1: Childhood Bliss

The Glory Years - Part 2: Through the Fire

The Glory Years - Part 3: A New Hope

The Glory Years - Part 4: Absence of Justice

The Glory Years - Part 5: The Moment of Truth

The Glory Years - Part 6: Completing the Journey

The Glory Years - Part 7: One Final Taste

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