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Welcome to Tigmo's Jukebox! This area contains two MIDI sections as well as an MP3 section. You'll find a lot of great video game music here ranging from the simplistic tunes of Super Mario Bros. to the grandeur of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy.

The main goal of this section is to offer only the very best in terms of video game music. Believe me; there are plenty of sites out there with thousands upon thousands of music files. That's not the goal here. I have tried to provide tunes rich in nostalgia along with plenty of new music. That way, you won't have to search through entire databases of music for one or two diamonds in the rough. Hopefully, you'll find plenty of gems here!

Feel free to download any files that you enjoy. Just don't sell them for money or worse, take credit for them (unless of course you are the one who sequenced the music!). These files have been sequenced by some amazing people (e.g. Teck, Sword-Bolt, Lutarez, Daniel Genz, and a host of others) and I don't want their work to be compromised. It is truly unreal how much work goes into making a simple MIDI...let alone the full-blown remixes that these wonderful people dish out regularly. All precautions aside, please enjoy all of the amazing music...especially the MP3 section! You will love it...I guarantee it!

MIDI Mania! (A-M)

MIDI Mania! (N-Z)

MP3 Masterpieces

Note: To listen to these MIDIS online, you will need a plug-in such as Windows Media Player or Beatnik (Otherwise, you'll have to download them to your hard drive.) Beatnik is one of the best plug-ins that I have found so far but Windows Media Player is solid as well. If for whatever reason you still have problems playing these files online, you will probably have to download them to your hard drive to listen to them. Holding down the Shift key and left-clicking the mouse on the link or simply right-clicking on the link allows you to download the file (click on the "Save Target As..." option).

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