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Welcome to my "MP3 Masterpieces" page! Due to the increased memory constraints allowed by Yahoo! Geocities (now a whopping 500MB instead of the old 25MB limit), you can expect a whole plethora of wonderful, touching melodies in addition to plenty of high-octane, adrenaline-pumping ones in the near future! To listen to the MP3 files, you will need Winamp, Windows Media Player, Musicmatch, or some other MP3 player. I do take requests so feel free to email any suggestions that you might have. I have a lot of video game, movie, and instrumental music so don't hesitate to ask! I do hope that you enjoy these songs thoroughly! This page is for you! :)

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Dracula's Castle (1.83 MB)

Although it might not be the best stand-alone soundtrack in the world, within the context of the game, CV:SOTN has to have one of the greatest video game soundtracks of all-time. Seriously, every single track in this game creates the perfect atmosphere and it all begins with this particular track. Upbeat and adrenaline-pumping, the intro stage theme set the table nicely for the rest of the game.

Chrono Cross: Time's Scar (2.42 MB)

Chrono Cross is simply chock-full of some of the most beautiful, touching melodies that I have yet to come across in a video game. The opening theme is widely regarded as one of the greatest tracks of any PSOne game. I'd have to agree there!

Chrono Cross: Home Aruni Village (3.27 MB)

The theme that plays in Serge's hometown fits the feel of a quaint, seaside village perfectly! Calm and uplifting, it's a nice breather before the adventure really gets exciting.

Chrono Cross: Dreams of the Shore Bordering Another World (2.30 MB)

This particular track just might be my favorite with its soft, somewhat sad feel. It portrays the game's alternate dimension...a dimension without Serge (the game's protagonist) perfectly.

Chrono Cross: Dead Sea - Ruined Tower (3.07 MB)

This beautiful, haunting melody that plays during one of the game's more mysterious areas fit the atmosphere perfectly. Play the game at night for an added effect.

Chrono Trigger: Crono's Theme (1.96 MB)

I will never forget the first time that I heard the main theme to Chrono Trigger. There was just something alluring about it and, for a 1995 game pak, it was exceptional.

Chrono Trigger: Epoch - Wings That Cross Time (3.28 MB)

Like the game's main theme, the "Epoch" track strikes a special chord with me. While it is upbeat and catchy, it also seems to convey a strong feeling of hope. It is definitely one of my personal favorites.

Donkey Kong Country: Aquatic Ambiance (3.23 MB)

As wonderful as the graphics were throughout the DKC series for the SNES, the music was top-notch as well! I always loved the soundtrack that plays throughout that first, groundbreaking game. The track that plays during the game's many water stages is nothing short of amazing!

Final Fantasy: Temple of Fiends (2.47 MB)

Some of the updated music in Final Fantasy Origins for the PSOne was actually very nice. This particular track from the first Final Fantasy game is probably my favorite.

Final Fantasy IV: The World of Summoned Monsters (1.20MB)

Although many video game vets consider Final Fantasy VII to be the best of them all, FFIV is probably the one that allowed the series to finally break-through as a real power in the RPG market. And there are more than a few gamers I know who would say that FFIV is actually the best game in the series. Personally, I'd probably go with FFX but I digress. Whatever the case, FFIV had a truly memorable soundtrack. I've always enjoyed this tune for some reason. Soft and mysterious, it portrayed the village of summoned monsters perfectly.

Final Fantasy VIII: Julia (1.34 MB)

Needless to say, Final Fantasy VIII, like its predecessors, featured an outstanding musical score. While there are plenty of upbeat, adrenaline-pumping battle tracks, there are the quiet, serene melodies like this beautiful piano piece that create a perfect balance. Soft and soothing, this piano version of "Eyes On Me" (the main theme) is wonderful.

Final Fantasy VIII: The Man With the Machine Gun (2.73 MB)

The first time I heard this battle theme, I was simply enthralled! It's just an upbeat, catchy tune that fit the atmosphere perfectly. It was just so cool going back in time and hearing a completely different battle theme!

Final Fantasy IX: Terra (2.11 MB)

Although it doesn't quite get the same respect as FF7 or 8 in the music department, I still found the FF9 soundtrack to be top-notch! This beautiful version of the game's main theme created the perfect feel for one of the game's more intriguing areas.

Final Fantasy X: Enemy Attack (2.61 MB)

If you've already managed to stumble across my review of Final Fantasy X, you might recall the main "boss" theme that I raved about. Well, this track is the real thing! It just seemed perfect for the plethora of gigantic battles throughout the game. A real adrenaline-pumper for sure!

Final Fantasy X: Sprouting (3.16 MB)

Despite the unique name ("Sprouting?!"), I really enjoyed this wonderful rendition of the game's main theme. It gives you a sense of going on an important journey with some purpose in mind (which, not surprisingly, is exactly what you are doing!). I just found it to be very pleasant and even somewhat hopeful if you will.

Final Fantasy X: Raid (3.97 MB)

This track is not only upbeat and heroic but also plays during one of my favorite scenes in the game. Tidus & company crash a wedding (literally!) and attempt a daring rescue in Bevelle. The incredible movie and music just go together so well!

Final Fantasy X: A Dream Which Will Someday End (4.26 MB)

Out of all of the renditions of "To Zanarkand" (the game's main theme), this one has to be near the top with its beautiful melody and fitting background sounds. There is a whole lot of feeling in this the whole game really.

Final Fantasy X: Ending Theme (5.28 MB)

Even though virtually every Final Fantasy game has featured great ending music, nothing can top the touching, heart-wrenching melody that plays during the finale in FFX. Beautiful and full of emotion, the ending track did this awe-inspiring game justice.

Final Fantasy X-2: Prelude (2.57 MB)

Despite the fact that Final Fantasy X-2's music was not nearly as memorable as the wonderful Final Fantasy X soundtrack, it still had its share of exceptional tracks. The Prelude tune which plays during the game's intro is simply beautiful to the ears. :)

Final Fantasy X-2: Besaid (2.75 MB)

Touching and serene, the Besaid track is easily one of my favorite FFX-2 tracks. It also plays a role in the game's ending theme (see below).

Final Fantasy X-2: Epilogue - Reunion (4.70 MB)

I've got to say that the ending music in Final Fantasy X-2 is nothing short of sensational! Four very memorable tracks play throughout the various ending scenes and this one occurs during the game's final scene. Beautiful and heart-warming, this emotional track concludes a remarkable series in grand fashion!

Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Islands (1.77 MB)

Now this one was a real surprise! Who could have expected a game involving the unknown hero Sora and a plethora of famous Disney characters to be so much fun? The soundtrack was certainly one of the reasons for this. I really enjoyed the Destiny Islands track right off the bat. It has a cool tropical feel and started the game out nicely.

Kingdom Hearts: Hollow Bastion (2.36 MB)

The track that plays in the ancient castle Sora & company encounter very late in the game is in sharp contrast to the Destiny Islands tune. Dark and mysterious, it created an atmosphere that one would not expect in a game featuring Donald and Goofy!

Kingdom Hearts II: Darkness of the Unknown (2.19 MB)

Kingdom Hearts II truly is loaded with fantastic music. One of my favorite tracks, however, takes place during the final battle of the game. And what an epic battle it is.

The Legend of Dragoon: Ending Theme (2.68MB)

This one might come as a bit of a surprise because The Legend of Dragoon as a whole didn't have a very memorable soundtrack. However, the Ending Theme was a real gem with its quiet, peaceful feel.

Mega Man X: Armored Armadillo - Remix (4.28 MB)

This upbeat, catchy remix of Armored Armadillo's theme is fantastic! I love the jazzy beat and the high quality of this track. Highly recommended!

Shadow Hearts II: Icaro Again (4.25 MB)

This dynamic intro track to Shadow Hearts II is a real beauty! No matter what type of music you enjoy, you should find a part of this song that you really like! Yasunori Mitsuda definitely influenced the last part of this track.

Xenogears: Lost... Broken Shards (1.07 MB)

Xenogears may not be in the same class as Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VII but the soundtrack is a masterpiece! Yasunori Mitsuda really came through in his second project (the first being Chrono Trigger). This particular track is on the short side and yet it is rich with emotion. It plays during some of the more tender parts in the game.

Xenogears: Emotion (3.46 MB)

Full of beauty and a capturing melody, the name really does say it all for the game's overworld track.

Xenogears: Shebat - The Wind is Calling (3.06 MB)

This exceptional track plays in one the game's airborne cities: Shebat. It just has a nice, relaxing flow and reminds me a lot of the Zeal/Enhasa theme in Chrono Trigger.

Xenosaga I: Battle Theme (1.47 MB)

Although Xenosaga: Episode One only had one battle theme that played throughout the game, it was a dandy! Grand with dark undertones, it was composed by none other than Yasunori Mitsuda.

Xenosaga III - Unreleased Track: A Daring Rescue (3.54 MB)

As I mentioned in my Xenosaga III review, I absolutely love the track that plays midway through the game when you have to rescue a key character. It just sounds so heroic and beautiful at the same time. I love it!

Xenosaga III - Unreleased Track: Abel's Ark (4.14 MB)

This beautiful track plays during one of the more mysterious areas late in the game. It creates the perfect atmosphere/mood in every sense of the word.


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