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Video Game Music:

Ninja Gaiden: I have some great memories of playing through Ninja Gaiden for the first time. The cinema scenes between stages were revolutionary for the time (1989) and they really drew you into the game's story. The Act 5-3 remix was done beautifully. It plays during a few key cinema scenes in the game as well as the level before a fateful battle. The Stage 6-4 track is very simple but fits the mood perfectly. This track plays while Ryu fights his father (The Masked Devil) who he had presumed to be dead. Instead of fighting his long-lost father, Ryu attempts to destroy the mechanism controlling his father. Both tracks are very nostalgic to me.

Act 5-3: The Nails of Lukifell (129K) Sequenced by Tsu Ryu & Joseph Tek Fox

Act 6-4: The Masked Devil (11K) Sequenced by Deuce

Ninja Gaiden 3: Although the original Ninja Gaiden game is my sentimental favorite, NG3 might have been the best of the series. I always liked the desert stage music.

Act 2-1: The Sinking Desert (24K) Sequenced by Tsu Ryu

Operation C: Operation C is basically Contra for Game Boy. Great graphics, great action; great music!

Ending Theme (49K)

Out Run: Ahh...the classic racing game. Out Run was for the Sega Master System what Rad Racer was for the NES. For its time, this racer had quite a soundtrack! Upbeat, catchy tunes were the staple of this game.

Magical Sound Shower (108K)

Power Drift: If you're looking for an upbeat song with a catchy beat, you can't beat this Power Drift track. It's really good!

Stage 1 (87K)

Raiden Trad: This track is a real beauty! I never really got into the Raiden series (There are simply too many shoot 'em ups out there!) but the music is as good as it gets!

Fighting Thunder (82K)

Ristar: Now here's an underrated game! If it weren't for the wonderful Sonic Mega Collection for the PS2, I probably would have never played this rare gem. Simply put, Ristar rocks! This game really is a great play and some of the music is exceptional. Very "atmospheric" and old school in a way.

Planet Undertow: Act 1 (65K) Sequenced by Teck

Planet Freon: Act 1 - Ring Rink (51K) Sequenced by Blue Warrior

Romancing Saga 2: I have never come across this game but the town theme is very beautiful and serene.

Town Theme (8K)

Rudra's Treasure Quest: Here's yet another game I have never played. I believe that it was only released in Japan. Anyway, it's too bad because some of the music is very good!

Main Theme (13K)

The Quest For Rudra's Mines (10K) Sequenced by Robert Hansson

Secret of Mana: I had a lot of fun playing Secret of Mana. The game has a lot of atmosphere and the music is a big reason for that. The Overworld theme is so nice and relaxing. The Ice Palace remix is probably my favorite; it gives the chilly palace a neat feel.

Did You See the Sea? (25K)

Ice Palace - Eight Ringing Bells (39K) Sequenced by Max

Opening Title - Angel's Fear (10K)

Shadowgate: The main theme of this classic gave the game a very mysterious feel. The atmosphere was great! Searching in an ancient castle couldn't be more fun.

Castle Theme (8K) Sequenced by John Kuzma

Shatterhand: This underrated NES side-scroller slipped by quite a few gamers back in 1991 (myself included!) It featured lots of action and plenty of adrenaline-pumping music!

Stage 1 (30K)

Snatcher: The Neo Kobe track is simply awesome for an older video game like Snatcher. This track has a great jazz beat and is my sole representive of the now defunct Sega CD console.

Neo Kobe (50K)

Sonic the Hedgehog: While Mario was the icon for the NES, Sonic the Hedgehog was the catalyst for the Sega Genesis console. This game is what put the Genesis on the map with its colorful graphics, oh-so-cool Sonic character, and a challenge that wouldn't quit. Oh, and the music was pretty good too.

Green Hill Zone (62K) Sequenced by Teck

Spring Yard Zone (14K) Sequenced by Teck

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Like Mario, Link, and Mega Man before it, the Sonic series has spawned countless sequels and Sonic 2 might actually be better than the original in the music department! It seemed like every track in this game was exceptional! The Aquatic Ruin Zone music might be my favorite although the Casino Night Zone track is very, very catchy.

Aquatic Ruin Zone (50K) Sequenced by Teck

Casino Night Zone - Remix (66K)

Emerald Hill Zone (41K) Sequenced by Teck

Sonic the Hedgehog 3: I remember jamming to this game back in 1994 with my good friend Wesley Messer. I really enjoyed playing the Time Trial mode; some of the music is just really nostalgic. There was something about the Chrome Zone track that stood out to me. The Endless Mine Zone and Ice Cap Zone remixes are both superb as well! Teck just never ceases to impress; he really outdid himself this time!

Azure Lake (58K) Sequenced by Teck

Bonus Stage (70K)

Chrome Zone (62K) Sequenced by Teck

Endless Mine Zone - 1000 Endless Miles Remix (23K) Sequenced by Ztrop

Ice Cap Zone - Dance Remix (78K) Sequenced by MaliceX and BlueFoxVerse

Marble Garden Zone (83K) Sequenced by Teck

Sonic and Knuckles: 1994 was just a great year for me as far as Sonic games go! I remember my awesome cousin Doug Evans receiving this game for Christmas that year. It simply screams fun and the music is terrific the whole way through. The Boss Remix is incredible! Superb in every sense of the word!

Boss Themes - Mechanical Onslaught Remix (49K) Sequenced by Ztrop

Flying Battery Zone - Time Travel Remix (20K) Sequenced by Kenji-san

Sonic 3D Blast: This has to be the most underrated Sonic game out there. Due to its late release date, many Sonic fans never got the chance to try their hands at 3D Blast. It was actually a pretty decent game though. I remember seeing a nifty commercial for this game back around 1996 or so. Both tracks are great!!

Diamond Dust Zone (67K) Sequenced by Teck

Volcano Valley Zone - Ambient Magma Remix (27K) Sequenced by Teck

Sonic Advance: This game is much newer than the other Sonic games but it still has that good old Sonic feel.

Ice Mountain Zone (22K) Sequenced by Teck

Sonic Advance 3: I know that I already have the Green Hill Zone tune in this section but this updated remix is too good to pass up!

Sunset Hill Zone: Act 1 (100K)

Sonic Mega Collection Plus: This $20 steal has got to be one of the best video game values of all-time! You get virtually every Sonic game up until 1996 or so along with extra gems such as Ristar. Anyway, the main theme that plays while a demo of all of the games is playing is very nice. Definitely sets the right tone for this quality package.

Main Theme (58K)

Sonic Electronic: Remember those old Tiger Electronics games? Well, this catchy tune is from just such a game.

Theme B (11K)

Sorcerian: Here is yet another game that I have never played. This remix of the ice level (I think it's the ice level.) is catchy!

Ice Level (101K)

Startropics: I have always liked the tropical feel of this very underrated game. The main theme had a nice beat and gave the game a cool atmosphere.

Main Theme (72K)

Stinger: Few games are as nostalgic to me as this one. My cousin Michael and I had a blast playing Stinger back around 1988 or so. It wasn't an outstanding game by any stretch but it remains one of the more underrated NES games in my opinion.

Main Theme (22K) Sequenced by John N. Engelmann

Street Fighter 2: This game was da' bomb of early 90's! I remember everyone rushing to the arcades to play SF2. I always felt that the music was very good for a street fighting game. All of these tracks are classics.

Balrog (66K)

Guile (47K)

Ken (30K)

Streets of Rage: Ahh...a classic beat 'em up. My good friend Jeff and I had a blast playing this Double Dragon wannabe. It wasn't a great game or anything but it sure was fun with two players. Definitely a classic.

Stage 4 (41K) Sequenced by Jose'

Super Adventure Island: The music in Super Adventure Island is easily the best aspect of the game (although the graphics are very impressive as well). The tropical feel was definitely enhanced by the upbeat, catchy music.

Stage 1-1 (22K) Sequenced by Mark7

Stage 2-1 (69K) Sequenced by Alluro95

Super Mario Bros. : No video game music section would be complete without the main theme to Super Mario Bros.!

Main Theme Tropical Remix (28K)

Super Mario Bros. 2: I have wonderful memories of playing through this game during the summer of 1989. Few games were as magical as this one. The ragtime overworld theme is so catchy!

Overworld Theme (36K)

Super Mario Land: I can't believe that it has been 15 years since Super Mario Land was released for the Game Boy console. How time flies! While Tetris was the first Game Boy game to be released, SML was the one that really caught everyone's eye.

Ending Theme (34K) Sequenced by Teck

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins: Back in 1993, my good friend Michael Delbonis and I went through a two week period when we would alternate turns and play this game for hours on end! It was simply amazing for a Game Boy game.

Intro Stage (64K)

Super Mario RPG: Square and Nintendo put this SNES masterpiece together in 1996. The music in Super Mario RPG is very catchy. The Mushroom Way track at the beginning of the game sets a nice tone while the Forest track is short and sweet! I love the Rosetown track; it's very Marioesque!

Forest (6K) Sequenced by Susan Carriere

Mushroom Way (29K) Sequenced by Jarel Jones

Parade (60K)

Rosetown (28K) Sequenced by Alluro95

Super Mario World: SMW was the first game to be released for the Super NES and what a game it was! Like most Mario games, it contained a very memorable main theme. I've always liked the "Water" level version of it...very relaxing.

Water Stage (19K)

Sword of Vermilion: Even though I never got to play this classic Sega Genesis hit, I remember people raving about the game's music. I don't know why but I keep thinking "Faxanadu" when hearing the music. Weird.

Last City (27K)

Twinbee: I've always wanted to play the Twinbee series of games. I have played Stinger (one Twinbee game for the NES) so I guess I should be thankful. :) The music in Twinbee is very...shall we say friendly? :)

Night (57K)

Twilight (41K)

Wanderers of Ys: I have never played any games from this popular series. However, I recently bought a "Best of Ys" soundtrack that really impressed me. I've also listened to some very good MIDIS from Ys fame. The "Palace" theme is very grand and mysterious; it reminds me of Zelda for some reason.

Palace (47K)

Xenogears: Yasunori Mitsuda (composer of the masterful Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger soundtracks) put together another masterpiece in the emotional Xenogears soundtrack. All of these tracks are simply beautiful!

Emotion (19K)

Gathering Stars in the Night Sky (14K)

The Treasure That Cannot Be Stolen (9K)

Zelda 3: Many video game experts feel that Zelda 3 just might be the best video game ever made. One thing is for sure: the popularity of this great series has not faded over time. The Classic Theme is one of those tunes that will stay in your head...and stay in your head...and stay in your head... :)

Classic Theme (27K)

Credits (13K) Sequenced by rpioveza

Dark World (15K)

Zelda PC: I didn't even know that a Zelda game existed for the computer until I ran into some MIDIS from the game on the 'net. The Main Overworld theme is very upbeat with a "heroic" feeling to it. It's pretty cool! The Town theme is nicely done as well.

Overworld Theme 1 (73K)

Town Theme (11K)

Zelda: The Wind Waker: Here is another Zelda game that I have not played. Even though this game is fresh on the market, the music feels a lot like the classic Zelda series.

Overworld Theme (137K)

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