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Somehow, someway, you have discovered my page of MIDI madness! As of right now, I am only posting video game music. However, I feel that even you non-video game types will really enjoy some of these tunes! Believe me, it's great stuff! I have personally handpicked the songs that I feel are worthy of Tigmo coverage. :) Feel free to download any of the songs here that you especially enjoy!

Regarding the music itself, there are certain songs that I feel deserve special recognition. While all of the music here is excellent, certain songs are simply the cream of the crop. These ten gems are listed in bold so you shouldn't have any trouble finding them! Even if you don't like video game music, I am supremely confident that you will enjoy these ten tunes. Since I will be continually adding music, my list of favorites will change over time. Enjoy the music and see which ones are your favorites!

Video Game Music:

Axelay: What a great way to start things off! This remixed version of the opening stage theme is lively and upbeat; a lot like the game itself actually. The graphics and music in this great shoot 'em up were truly state-of-the-art at the time.

Stage 1 - Remix (55K)

Battletoads: Back in 1991, this game was dynamite! Rare truly pulled off all the stops in this action-packed feast. The music, while nothing extraordinary, was catchy and created the perfect atmosphere for this unique (and extremely difficult) game. Thanks Teck (you'll be hearing this name a lot!) for providing these two great tracks!

Stage 6: Karnath's Lair (74K) Sequenced by Teck

Stage 7: Volkmire's Inferno (56K) Sequenced by Teck

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs: This Super NES classic was actually a shortened version of the original Battletoads for the NES. I only played it briefly but remember the music being quite good.

Stage 3 (21K)

Battletoads: Double Dragon: Although the original Battletoads game was probably better, the sequel featured some great music as well. I always liked the Stage 5 track for some reason.

Stage 5 (32K)

Bionic Commando: Released in 1988, this Capcom thriller has some excellent tunes! Here is my personal favorite: The Area 1 theme.

Area 1 (23K)

Blaster Master: If you've checked out my Blaster Master review, you already know how nostalgic the music is to me. All of these tracks are wonderful!

Stage 1 (38K)

Stage 5 (13K) Sequenced by Jeff Anderson

Stage 6 (74K) Sequenced by Eric Stamm

Breath of Fire 2: As you've probably gathered from my review, I really enjoyed playing through Breath of Fire 2. While the soundtrack is nothing outstanding, there are a few memorable tunes. "The Wonder" is a neat track that plays during some of the more mysterious areas of the game.

The Wonder (24K) Sequenced by Cryogen Glacien

Breath of Fire 3: This game has a unique, jazzy score. The Ending Theme is simply awesome and truly deserves to be one of the top ten tracks.

Ending Theme - Pure Again (83K) Sequenced by Ryu

Castlevania: This game is one of the true blue classics. The original Castlevania game was released way back in 1987 for the NES. Even by today's standards, the music is very impressive!

Stage 5 (47K)

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest: Back around late 1988, Simon's Quest was the game to have! The soundtrack was simply brilliant; CV2 might have had the best score of the NES series.

Bloody Tears (44K) Sequenced by ShadowMan.eXe

Super Castlevania IV: Super Castlevania IV was a groundbreaking game for the Super Nintendo console. The graphics and soundtrack really gelled together to create a neat atmosphere. The Courtyard track really starts the game off right while the Stage 2 track has a great beat and builds up to a cool melody.

Stage 1: The Courtyard (10K) Sequenced by Locke

Stage 2: The Forest (37K) Sequenced by Tom Kim

Castlevania - Bloodlines: I've never played this Castlevania hit (it was for the Genesis...go figure) but the music sounds as gothic as ever! Great stuff!

Ending Theme (10K)

Level 1 (25K)

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2: I was so thrilled when I came across a MIDI for this game! Even though it was released very late in the NES' life, the second Rescue Rangers game featured a surprisingly inspired musical score!

Fat Cat's Secret Laboratory (80K) Sequenced by Jace

Chrono Cross: Chrono Cross is a real gem of a game that is the sequel to one of my personal favorites: Chrono Trigger. Like Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross is a very engrossing game with sensational graphics, beautiful music, and an incredible story. "Dreams of the Shore Bordering Another World" is one of the most beautiful overworld themes that I have ever heard.

Dreams of the Shore Bordering Another World (32K)

Drowning Valley (11K) Sequenced by Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

Voyage: Home World (32K) Sequenced by Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

Chrono Trigger: Chrono Trigger continued the Squaresoft tradition with an outstanding soundtrack! Secret of the Forest is peaceful yet mysterious, the Battle Theme is very catchy, and Schala's Theme is beautiful yet somewhat sorrowful. The Magic Kingdom is a wonderful track as well; I felt that it portrayed the ancient kingdom of Zeal perfectly. The ending didn't disappoint either as To Far Away Times has to be my favorite ending theme ever! It is so beautiful! Lastly, you can't forget the incredible main theme. I will never forget the first time that I heard that amazing song.

Battle Theme (45K) Sequenced by Jason Zaffary

To Far Away Times (32K)

The Magic Kingdom (46K)

Main Theme (30K)

Schala's Theme (72K) Sequenced by Sirius

Secret of the Forest (34K)

World Revolution - Lavos Battle 1 (38K) Sequenced by Corlen Belspar

Dr. Mario: My cousins and I had a blast with this game back around 1991 or so. The gameplay was addictive and hey; we're talking about a Mario game here!

Fever (8K)

Dragon Saber: I've never played this arcade classic but this upbeat Stage 1 track is just too good to pass up!

Stage 1 (93K)

Dragon Warrior: This is the game that finally got me into the RPG genre. It wasn't until around 1995 or so that I gave Dragon Warrior a chance but even then, the game still impressed me. The overworld theme has to be one of the all-time classics.

My Road, My Journey (15K)

Ducktales: Ahh...the glory days of Disney cartoons. Anyone else out there miss the days of watching Ducktales and the Rescue Rangers after school? I loved those cartoons! Anyway, the video games didn't disappoint either. Capcom did a fabulous job! I always loved the tune that played on the Moon. It was just really uplifting and heroic.

The Moon (93K) Sequenced by Teck

Fantasy Zone: I really didn't expect much out of this cutesy shoot 'em up. However, the game is pretty fun and the music really impressed me. The Stage 5 track is nice and cute. :)

Stage 5 (39K)

Fester's Quest: This Sunsoft classic has an interesting story behind it. Back in 1991, I rented this game and was instantly hooked by the impressive music and great atmosphere. Anyway, on that fated day of September 2nd, 1991, I finally managed to beat the sucker! The funny thing is that, literally two seconds after I destroyed the alien spaceship, the phone rang and my Dad told me that Cari (my younger sister) was born! It was so cool because of the timing of it all. It may not seem like much but every time I play this game, I always think back to that day.

Overworld Theme (39K) Sequenced by tdkim

Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy is probably the game that finally gave video game music respectability. For its time, Final Fantasy had an enthralling score. Countless CDs of Final Fantasy music have been released and continue to be in high demand. Needless to say, these two tunes are truly legendary!

Ship Theme (14K)

The Temple of Fiends Revisited (9K)

Final Fantasy IV: Final Fantasy IV (FFII here in the US) is such an enjoyable game. It isn't anything fancy but it has a great soundtrack and an intriguing story. I was simply enthralled with the mysterious "Illusionary World" track during my first playthrough of the game and the final battle theme is just one of many exceptional battle tracks found in the game.

Illusionary World (16K) Sequenced by Andrew

Zeromus (66K) Sequenced by Teck

Final Fantasy V: Unbeknownst to many, Final Fantasy V actually came before Final Fantasy III (which is Final Fantasy VI in Japan). Needless to say, the music is enchanting.

Ahead On Our Way (20K)

Dragon (14K)

Final Fantasy VI: Final Fantasy VI is filled to the brim with CD quality music! FFVI (FFIII here in the US) felt like a movie more than a video game with its impressive score. The Overworld theme is a thing of beauty while the Phantom Forest track creates the perfect mood for the mysterious forest.

Battle Theme (63K)

Phantom Forest (7K)

Terra's Theme (35K)

Final Fantasy VII: The seventh Final Fantasy epic followed the groundbreaking sixth installment in grand fashion! FF7 was a bit darker than its predecessor and the soundtrack certainly reflects that. Anxious Heart is an outstanding track that created the perfect feel for Cloud's hometown of Nibelheim along with other mysterious locales. Ooh...goosebumps!!

Anxious Heart (8K)

J-E-N-O-V-A (28K)

Still More Fighting (35K)

Final Fantasy VIII: I just played this game recently for the first time and I really enjoyed it! A lot of gamers out there can't stand this game for some reason but seriously, it's great stuff! Some of the battle music like The Man With the Machine Gun really stood out.

The Man With the Machine Gun (38K)

Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX Special: Here is a wonderful medley of the main themes from the seventh, eighth, and ninth Final Fantasy installments. It was just too good of a MIDI to leave off of this page. If you're feeling down, this will surely bring a smile to your face. :)

Final Fantasy Medley (21K)

Final Fantasy X: This game is an absolute dream!! With its magical atmosphere and beautiful soundtrack, FFX truly ranks among the all-time greats. The soundtrack is extremely memorable with one of the most beautiful main themes ever! It's very hard to find anything wrong with this amazing epic.

Besaid (30K) Sequenced by William Brosi

Sprouting (62K)

Sute Ki Da Ne (134K) Sequenced by Bryan Bilocura

To Zanarkand (9K) Sequenced by David Moore

Final Fantasy X-2: Since I just recently finished Final Fantasy X, I'll probably be getting into this one sometime soon. My sister Cari downloaded some really nice music from the game's prelude.

Prelude (10K)

Final Fantasy Adventure: Now here's a Final Fantasy game that you don't hear about very often. Unbeknownst to many, this game is actually the prequel to Secret of Mana! This field theme is very beautiful.

Field Theme (17K)

Galaxy: I picked up this MIDI a long time ago! It is a real dandy; I'm not 100 percent sure what game it's from though (Galaxy?). Any help would be appreciated. :)

Galaxy (54K)

The Goonies II: I can hear all of my fellow eighties fans cheering this selection! Back in the mid-80s, it wasn't uncommon to hear someone say "Hey you guys!!" or "Sloth love Chunk!" out of the blue. Ahh...now those were the good ole days my friend! Anyway, I still feel that The Goonies II was one of the more underrated NES games out there. And who could forget Cyndi Lauper's song?

Good Enough (66K) Sequenced by Sword-Bolt

The Guardian Legend: Although this game was tough as nails, it was a very well done action/shoot 'em up pak with a distinct sci-fi feel. Both of these tracks are excellent.

Area 2 (26K) Sequenced by Teck

Crystal Flight (43K) Sequenced by Teck

Gyruss: I have great memories of playing Gyruss. This classic shoot 'em up has to be one of the most underrated games in history. I first played it around 1990 and was surprised by the impressive music. How often does a game include music from a classic composer like Bach? Not only was Gyruss fun, it was educational. :)

Stage 1 (56K) Sequenced by Tom Kim

Stage 2 (26K) Sequenced by Tom Kim

Hard Ball 4: This classic baseball game is a lot of fun and has exceptional music! The "Play Ball!" theme has a nice beat with a classic baseball tune intermingled. Don't let the "Selection Screen" name fool you; that track is a beauty. The tunes in this game just really seem to fit the baseball mood.

Play Ball! (31K)

Selection Screen (20K)

Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu: Yeah, yeah...I know. You're probably thinking that I'm out of my mind with this choice. However, this game is very underrated and it really does feature some good music. The Stage 2-1 theme fit the game perfectly!

Stage 2-1 (39K)

The Jetsons: Invasion of the Planet Pirates: I remember my cousin Joey and I jamming to this game back in late 1994. It wasn't the best game ever but had some pretty unique gameplay and the graphics and music were well done.

Stage 1 (18K)

Journey to Silius: Although the gameplay in Journey to Silius is nothing to write home about, many NES vets feel that its soundtrack ranks among the best ever. With music like that found in the MIDI below, it is hard to disagree.

Stage 2 (102K)

Kid Icarus: Even 15 years after its release, the music from Kid Icarus lives on. The opening stage theme is brilliant!

Stage 1 (41K)

King Arthur's World: This track in King Arthur's World is wonderful! I think that it's a song that plays around Christmas as I seem to remember hearing it around the holiday season.

Castle Theme (25K)

Kirby's Adventure: While Kirby's Adventure might be known more for its crisp graphics and smooth play control, its music is very nice as well. The Butter Building tune is friendly and upbeat while the Grape Garden track is nice and serene.

Butter Building (28K) Sequenced by Marc Concepcion

Grape Garden (14K) Sequenced by Joe Cortez

Kirby's Dream Land: This is the game that started the Kirby craze! It seemed like all of my friends back in the day owned this game. Although Kirby's Adventure was better, KDL is easily my sentimental favorite.

Stage 3: Float Islands (70K) Sequenced by Sword-Bolt

Stage 4: Bubbly Clouds (60K) Sequenced by Sword-Bolt

Legacy of the Wizard: How I got around to playing this challenging game is an interesting story. A few years ago, my good "cyberpal" Adam challenged me to beat Legacy of the Wizard. He said that if I could finish the game, that I would be the "NES King" hands down. Needless to say, I couldn't resist his challenge and before long, I had mapped out the entire dungeon. After a month or so, I beat the game! It was so cool to accomplish such an amazing feat! While the challenge of the game turns many people off, I actually enjoyed mapping the game and searching for the bosses. While the graphics and play control aren't exactly great, the music in Legacy of the Wizard is incredible! The first dungeon features some excellent music.

Dungeon 1 (50K)

Legend of Mana: I haven't really gotten into this Square offering yet but the score is exceptional! I believe that the same person who composed the Super Mario RPG soundtrack did this one.

Breath of Destiny (65K)

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja: This game is definitely a diamond in the rough. It's one of those games that you just don't hear about very often (if ever). The amount of music in this game really impressed me; this game is jammed with some great tunes! The oriental style really worked in this game. You've gotta love the Gradius remix as well!

Zone 3: Gradius Theme (21K) Sequenced by Tom Kim

Zone 4: Yamato (15K) Sequenced by Melvyl

Zone 6: Yamashiro (13K) Sequenced by The Jade Emperor

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: Even though I never got the opportunity to play this game, I still remember it being a huge hit back in the summer of 1993. There were even avid gamers who preferred this game over the Super NES Zelda game! This exceptional rendition of the main theme is yet another tasty offering from Teck.

Overworld Theme (73K) Sequenced by Teck

Life Force: Back around 1989, my good friend Jon Pursel and I would play this game regularly. Even though I have played countless shoot 'em ups since Life Force, LF might still be my favorite. The earth-shattering graphics (for 1988) and incredible music gelled together to create a very memorable game. It's hard to beat nostalgia too!

Level 3 (18K)

Level 5 (24K)

Little Nemo: The Dream Master: I got into this great game around the same time as Gyruss. Like Gyruss, Little Nemo is very nostalgic to me (and a pretty good game as well!) I have always enjoyed the peaceful feeling in the Night Sea track. That song fits the stage perfectly! The Dream 8 track is excellent as well.

Dream 4: Night Sea (4K) Sequenced by Patrick Dubuque

Dream 8: Nightmare Land (53K) Sequenced by Anthony Bellissimo

Lufia 2: I have never had a chance to play either of the Lufia games for the Super NES (They are way too expensive on eBay!) However, I have to say that I am impressed with the MIDI files that I have come across. These two songs are very nice and serene.

Map (26K) Sequenced by SinclairC

Sub Town (8K) Sequenced by SinclairC

Lunar: Eternal Blue: Here is another RPG series that I have never played. Not surprisingly, the music is top-notch!

Ice Continent (23K)

The Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse: Capcom could do no wrong with their Disney license could they? On the surface, this game looked like your typical kiddy game but in reality, it's a great game that gamers of all ages would probably enjoy! The normal catchy, memorable music that we've come to expect from Capcom is prevalent throughout the game.

Stage 1: Treetops (53K) Sequenced by Sword-Bolt

Mega Man: Here it is! Arguably the best video game series of all-time began with this 1987 wonder! It is simply remarkable that the Mega Man series has lasted for 17 years (and counting!) It all began here! Both of these remixes were nicely done!

Fire Man (14K)

Ice Man - Happy Snowman Remix (46K) Sequenced by Teck

Mega Man 2: The music throughout Mega Man 2 was way past its time. The tunes were very diverse which was a rarity for NES games during this time frame (late 80s). Some tracks are upbeat (Metal Man), others are nice and relaxing (Bubble Man), and still more are just plain friendly (Crash Man). My personal favorite has to be the Wily Stage 1 track. It just strikes a chord with me with its sense of an impending battle or destiny.

Bubble Man (38K)

Crash Man (89K)

Ending (20K) Sequenced by Teck

Flash Man (41K)

Main Theme - Remix (10K)

Metal Man (30K)

Quick Man - Rock/Pop Remix (28K) Sequenced by Steven C. King

Wily Stage 1 (47K) Sequenced by Steven C. King

Mega Man 3: Mega Man 3 really could make a case for being the best video game ever. Everything about the game simply screams "fun!" I will never forget how excited I was when I got this game back in the Christmas of 1990. The music didn't disappoint either. The Magnet Man remix is a simply beautiful tune by Daniel Genz while the deliciously nostalgic Snake Man track was sequenced by Lutarez. Shadow Man's mysterious yet upbeat tune along with the incredible Title Theme are superb as well.

Gemini Man - Ice Remix (34K) Sequenced by Teck

Magnet Man - Remix (34K) Sequenced by Daniel Genz

Shadow Man (56K) Sequenced by Lutarez

Snake Man (94K) Sequenced by Lutarez

Spark Man (45K)

Title Theme (33K) Sequenced by Teck

Mega Man 4: Although MM4 has a very good soundtrack, it can't compare with the incredible compositions from MM2 and MM3. However, there were still some excellent tunes in the game. My personal favorite is the calm, relaxing flow of the third Dr. Cossack stage track.

Dr. Cossack Stage 3 (52K) Sequenced by Jorge D. Fuentes

Mega Man 5: I don't want to sound redundant, but what else can I say? Capcom could simply do no wrong with their NES Mega Man games. The Napalm Man track is upbeat while the Protoman Castle remix is soft and beautiful. The latter is another Daniel Genz offering as well!

Gravity Man (94K) Sequenced by Teck

Gyro Man (50K)

Napalm Man (43K) Sequenced by Rize

Protoman's Castle - Remix (55K) Sequenced by Daniel Genz

Wily's Skull Castle (43K) Sequenced by Lutarez

Mega Man 6: I found the sixth installment in the Mega Man series to actually be somewhat disappointing. It was a fun game but it just didn't seem to be as magical or inspired as some of the previous games in the series. Some of the music was very nice though (you just knew that comment was coming didn't you?)

Knight Man (35K) Sequenced by Lutarez

Plant Man (55K)

Mega Man 7: Mega Man 7 was just flat-out impressive with great gameplay and an absolutely stellar soundtrack; all of the music in this game was great! All of the MIDIS below were sequenced by Teck and are incredible! The melodies are great and I love some of the background sounds in Freeze Man's track. Shade Man's theme has to be one of the best in the series as well!

Freeze Man (48K) Sequenced by Teck

Shade Man (35K) Sequenced by Teck

Slash Man (45K) Sequenced by Teck

Mega Man 8: Capcom tweaked a few things in the Mega Man 8 soundtrack but it's still that great old Blue Bomber beat! The music has a "jazzy" feel with a few techno elements mixed in. The Tengu Man theme is more upbeat while Frost Man's tune is somewhere in the middle. My personal favorite has to be the Island Stage theme; it was a perfect fit for the game's opening stage.

Frost Man (17K) Sequenced by Sivak Drac

Island Stage (22K)

Stage Select (20K)

Tengu Man (PSone version; 21K) Sequenced by Teck

Tengu Man (Saturn version; 35K)

Mega Man X: As you have seen (and heard), the classic NES Mega Man series has some excellent music! Thankfully, the SNES Mega Man X series continued that trend. The tracks that I chose from the first Mega Man X game are the best of both worlds. The Spark Mandrill theme is very upbeat while the Sigma Stage 1 tune is more on the relaxing side. Both tracks are great!

Sigma Stage 1 (23K) Sequenced by Jarel Jones

Spark Mandrill (32K)

Mega Man X2: Although the first X game has to be my sentimental favorite, I have always felt a strong attachment to the second game in the series. Everything about this game was great! The music that plays during the opening/final stage was upbeat and adrenaline-pumping while the Crystal Snail track fit his crystalized world perfectly.

Crystal Snail (58K) Sequenced by Teck

Opening/Final Stage Theme (35K) Sequenced by Sword-Bolt

Mega Man X3: Even though X3 was probably my least favorite in the series, it still contains some great music. The ending tracks were quite moving and the intro stage, like usual, was exceptional.

Ending (41K) Sequenced by Jarel Jones

Intro Stage (75K) Sequenced by Teck

Mega Man X5: What more can I say about the Blue Bomber? Like X4, Mega Man X5 continued the long tradition of fantasic music with an exceptional soundtrack.

Squid Adler (34K)

Mega Man X6: Although X6 certainly doesn't have the best soundtrack in the series, there are a few tracks that stand out. Zero's theme (which also plays in X5) is exceptional. This music plays when X fights his longtime friend.

Zero's Theme (241K)

Metal Gear (MSX version): This track is superb! I never played the MSX version of Metal Gear but I imagine that it's similar to the NES version. This music plays when the enemy spots you...good stuff!

Run! (71K)

Metroid: Ahh...one of the true NES classics. Metroid truly revolutionized the adventure genre with its incredible size and challenging gameplay. The music was sensational as well; to this day, the Brinstar theme remains one of my all-time favorites. Teck did this theme justice!

Brinstar (33K) Sequenced by Teck

Monster Party: If you have already checked out my review of this wacky game, you know how much I enjoy it. The music was certainly one of the strong points; the title theme was very memorable.

Title Theme (10K)

Monster World 4: So how can a game this obscure have good music you ask? One word: Teck!!

Lunar Gateway (43K) Sequenced by Teck

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