Console: NES

Company: Capcom

Release Date: November 1990

Genre: Action/Adventure

Number of Players: 1

Save Feature? No

I have wonderful memories of playing Little Nemo: The Dream Master. I remember playing this game with friends back in the summer of 1991. The game is simply magical with its dreamlike graphics, nostalgic music, and intriguing storyline. The game is a lot of fun to play too!

Overview: Little Nemo: The Dream Master is a solid game pak that consists of eight huge dreams (stages). The object of the game is to find all of the keys in each dream. There is no boss at the end of the dreams; only a door with a certain number of locks on it. Once you find enough keys, you can move on to greater dreaming. For those of you who want to fight really bad bosses, you'll get your chance in Dream 8 (three vicious battles await). One neat thing about the game is a short cinema scene between each dream.


Graphics: The sights in Little Nemo are very fitting for the game's dreamlike atmosphere. Capcom delivers once again with the typical vibrant colors and detailed backgrounds that we've grown accustomed to. In Dream 3 (Stage 3) the background consists of a night sky and a crescent moon in the distance. The final dream has an ominous background (strange flashing objects and eerie purple clouds) that fits the mood perfectly. There is even some parallax scrolling near the end of the game (very well done). The attention to detail is what really creates the neat atmosphere of Little Nemo. The animation in the game is excellent as well. The different animals in the game seem to be alive and everything seems to move smoothly.

Music: When I first rented this game, I didn't expect much in the music department. I couldn't have been more wrong. The tunes in Little Nemo are excellent and fit the atmosphere perfectly! The Mushroom Forest (Dream 1) has upbeat music while the Night Sea (Dream 4) has very nice, relaxing music. Perhaps nostalgia is why I enjoy the music so much. Whatever the reason, the music is top-notch! The sound effects are only average. A few (e.g. jumping noise) can get on your nerves after a while. It isn't a major problem though.

Play Control: Capcom games seem to always have fluid play control and Little Nemo is no exception. Within minutes you'll be jumping, climbing, and flying with the beat of 'em! I like how varied the controls are for the different animal friends. The lizard can climb walls, the bee flies (but only for a limited time), the gorilla packs a mean punch, and the hermit crab digs. This variety gives the game a strategic element. You will have to learn to use different animals in different situations.

Challenge: Don't be fooled by the young appeal of Little Nemo; this game is deceptively tough. Each dream is non-linear so finding your way through the large levels (e.g. Dream 5) and locating all of the keys requires a lot of work. However, this is a good thing; it gives Little Nemo an "adventurous" feel that few actions games have. Just don't expect a cakewalk when you fire up the Little Nemo game pak!

Storyline: I have always been a fan of Little Nemo's storyline. We all enjoy to visit wonderous worlds and meet new friends in our dreams. It's a time where the impossible becomes possible. Well, in Little Nemo, that's precisely what the storyline consists of. You're lying in bed asleep one summer night when all of a sudden, an airship drops by to take you to Slumberland! Evidently, the princess of this land wants someone to play with and her minions pick Nemo. Of course, Nemo refuses; he doesn't want to have to kiss the princess. Once his fears are quelled (and he learns that the princess has sent him candy), Nemo decides to go after all. Unbeknowist to him, however, is the fact that he is about to embark on a glorious adventure.

Funfactor: Little Nemo is a lot of fun to play because of variety and the game's atmosphere. Each dream is unique (one is upside down!) in its own way which means that the strategy always changes. In addition, you have several animal friends that are always glad to help (with a little candy of course). As I have mentioned already, I love the atmosphere of Little Nemo. It's just so...dreamlike and this is the result of fantasic graphics and music. The game isn't linear either; there are a lot of secrets to discover! Overall, Little Nemo is a special game that stands the test of time.

Negatives: Although I like the play control of Little Nemo, it isn't quite up to par with the Mega Man series (known for fabulous play control). Nemo just doesn't seem as fluid as Mega Man when it comes to running and jumping. However, the play control is still better than the majority of other action/adventure games.


Ratings: Graphics: 4.3 Music: 4.5 Play Control: 4.0 Challenge: 4.3 Storyline: 4.7 Funfactor: 4.3 Overall Score: 26.1 out of 30.0 Overall Rating: Silver Stud!


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