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So you've decided to delve deeper into the workings of The Tigmo Dimension, eh? :) Cool! Welcome and congrats on managing to make it this far. I guess that it's safe to say that curiousity finally got the best of you eh? After all, who wouldn't want to know "The Answer" to the biggest question of them all? To most, "The Question" remains the mother of all mysteries. That is why your visit here is so significant. You may already know or at least have an idea of what "The Answer" is but, if by some unexpected chance you still do not know, you've stumbled onto a gold mine! You're about to hear "The Answer!!"

I cannot force you to accept "The Answer," but I can say that without even the smallest inkling of doubt, I am 100 percent positive that this is it! The one True Answer to "The Question" is right here! Prepare yourself for a revelation my friend! :)

I could simply blurt out "The Answer" and be done with it, but that wouldn't be very fun now would it? Before I discuss "The Answer" in greater depth, I would like to briefly discuss what "The Answer" is not and I will try to do this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

In my imaginary encounter with "The Question," subtle hints were given about the character/nature of "The Answer." Words like "humility," "selflessness," and "sacrifice" sprang to the surface. The correct approach to "The Answer" was also discussed. "The heart of a child," "brokenness," and, once more, "humility" are key. Simply read between the lines a little and "The Answer" should become clearer.

Since acceptance of "The Answer" requires that we swallow our pride and show humility; i.e. the willingness to admit that we can do nothing to meet the requirements of "The Answer," it really isn't much of a reach to say that "The Answer" is something or someone that not only possesses great power but has something that we desperately want, something that we desperately desire, yet something that we are unable to attain.

Okay, so those are the first clues. Although you will want to remember the "great power" clue later on, it doesn't really help us at first. After all, there are more things out there with "great power" than days in a year! The president, redwood trees; even donkeys can possess "great power!" If you disagree with the latter, its hind legs will surely change your mind.

So how about that second clue? Something that we desperately want that we cannot attain. What would qualify here? Although it may seem as if there are certain things that we cannot attain, that is hardly the case. If we try and persevere and fight long enough, we'll get what we're after...whether it be for good or evil purposes. The amount of zeal we possess is the key. Even "The Answer" states that if we put our minds together, there is no task that cannot be accomplished.

Sure, the odds might be stacked against us and everyone in sight might be claiming that we're attempting to accomplish the impossible, and yet there's always the possibility of success; slight as it may be. That is not the case with "The Answer," however. The truth of the matter is that it is completely impossible for us to meet the unbelievable requirements of "The Answer" (which I will discuss shortly). The odds of us attaining those requirements is exactly a whopping zero percent. And no, there is not even a 0.00000000000000000001% of success here. What we are after is completely unattainable to the core.

What that being said, it appears that we are between a rock and a hard place does it not? We desire "The Answer" so desperately yet we are unable to grasp/realize it when it appears before us. This might sound like a hopeless situation; a sad and tantalizing ending to the never-ending quest for true fulfillment. But that is not the case whatsoever. There is a way! It's just not what people expect. As a matter of fact, it is probably the last thing that a normal, rational person would guess. That's the beauty of it! We are getting very close to discovering "The Answer" so hang in there!

It should become painfully obvious by now that what we desire so much, what we're completely bent on; that "desperate longing" I have hammered into the ground time and time again; that, my friend is the complete and permanent fulfillment of the mysterious void that plagues us all (remember "The Question?") That is the answer to the second clue. Even if we refuse to admit it; even if it remains somewhere in the restricted area of our subconsciousness far away from where it can cause any real harm, that nagging void in the innermost, most sacred chamber of our soul is still very much alive and well. Think of that desire and "The Question" going hand in hand. When they strike in unison and get us thinking, we become aware of just how empty and unfulfilled we truly are. Everything else suddenly and mysteriously becomes far less important. This is by no means a bad thing though. This desire for some answer, "The Answer," actually steers us nearer to the truth. It pushes us ever so close to finally discovering the meaning of our very existence.

Okay, it's time to turn our focus to the other clue. Remember the "great power" that I mentioned earlier? Well, with a better understanding of our helpless situation, the picture begins to come into focus. Although there are many types of "power," the "power" in this case refers to "The Answer's" high position over us. More specifically, "The Answer" has achieved that one task; that one goal that is literally impossible for us to achieve. It's like Peyton Manning throwing 150,000 TD passes in a single season. The chasm between our capabilities and "The Answer's" achievements is indeed that shocking.

As I am sure you can see by now, there is only One entity who could possess such power; such perfection. Yes, that is the only thing that we humans lack: perfection. Everyone desires it; everyone strives to achieve it; it is the epitome of what we desire in everything we do. And yet, even though we try our hardest, sweat tears, and fight to the last breath to achieve perfection, it is completely impossible. Oh sure, you might score 100% on a math test, swish all of your shots in a basketball game, or finish the football season 13-0, but that is not the perfection that I am eluding to. I am speaking of a perfection that is so total and complete that not even a blemish of imperfection exists in our lives from start to finish. It may seem unbelievable and impossible...and it is for us, but "The Answer" has indeed done the unthinkable. "The Answer" has actually lived as a human on this earth and, unlike the billions of us who have existed from the dawn of time until now, "The Answer" was able to live a life that was both blameless and pure; perfect and completely flawless from start to finish. No faults, no weaknesses; not a blemish to be found. That, my friend, is the perfection I speak of.

Yes, there is no way around it. There is only one Being who could possibly meet these standards; this total and complete perfection. "The Answer" simply has to be "God" Himself!! There is no runner-up; no honorable accolades for anyone else. Only God could possibly qualify as "The Answer."

However, even with that being said, we still have not identified "The Answer." Do not think that this is the end just yet my friend! :) Even though we can now pinpoint Who "The Answer" is, we still do not know the entire Truth. Sure, "The Answer" is indeed God, but the question now becomes, which God is He? In an age of endless tolerance, it seems as if new "gods" are popping up like rabbits these days. It becomes hard neigh impossible for the layman to know the difference after a while. However, if you've been searching for "The Answer," you have not read all of this in vain. Not only do I believe in the True God, I have a personal relationship with Him!! And let me tell you, the endless searching, the lonely nights, all of that hopelessness and fear disappears once you know Him! Enough rambling; Let's find "The Answer" together!

Like I said, "The Answer" was once human just like you and I. That statement alone narrows down the playing field quite a bit. Gone are the "gods" of myths, legends, and folklore. I will admit that I have always felt a natural affinity to mythology (don't know why!) but that's not the point here. The Truth is our goal!

So, of all of the known "gods", which ones can we nominate for "The Answer?" Think about it. Which ones come to mind? The three that probably came to your mind right away are Islam's Mohammad, Hindu's Buddha, and perhaps Jesus Christ of Christendom. And all three of them indeed qualify for final consideration since we have historical records of all of them actually living. Okay, we're getting there! But are there any more? Could "The Answer" be someone unexpected? A diamond in the rough perhaps? Although not a god of worship, Joseph Smith is a significant figure admired by Mormons. He deserves a shot. And even Mary, the mother of Jesus, should not be forgotten in all of this. It would surprise many how revered Mary is in some circles. Do keep in mind that since "The Answer" lived a perfect life as a human, anyone who is currently living is automatically eliminated from contention. Current presidents, emperors, kings; none of them qualify as "The Answer."

At last, the playing field is set!! I can say with complete assurance and the utmost of confidence that "The Answer" is indeed one of these five candidates. So what will it be friend? The lord of Arabia, Muhammad? Someone with a little more mystique like Buddha? How about Jesus? Perhaps an underdog like a Joseph Smith? And if Jesus isn't your first choice, how about his mother? The incredible encounter with "The Question," the constant searching and thinking, all of the riddles; everything that I have discussed from the beginning of this section up until now has led up to this moment.

Think about it for a minute. Seriously, take as much time as you want before reading on any further. I assure you, my friend, that countless lives have been changed forever based on the decision that they have made at this point. The difference is enormous; the consequences shocking. It is of the utmost importance to think clearly and to choose wisely, because while one of these candidates is indeed "The Answer" to "The Question," the other four are mere pretenders...nothing more. In this race, there is no award for a second place finish; no honorable mentions or additional accolades of any kind. There's "The Answer" in one corner and four humans in need of "The Answer" in the other corner. That's precisely why any erroneous decision-making at this point is incredibly dangerous. Wisdom and an open heart are the saving graces though. Just like the Ring of Power in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, "The Answer" wants to be found. As long as we keep an open mind and earnestly dig for the truth, we will indeed identify the correct "Answer" without breaking a sweat.

Perhaps you feel that none of the candidates deserve consideration, however. Maybe you don't believe in any God and consider yourself an atheist. "The Answer" to you may be something or someone far different than the nominees I have listed. My friend, I assure you that even if you feel this way; even if you stick to your guns and learn to rely on yourself and seem to even be "happy" for a season, that mysterious void in your life isn't going to go anywhere. At some point, it will resurface and, more likely than not, be even stronger than it was before. I can't encourage you enough to face "The Question" head on right now at this very moment. It's time to dive right in and challenge that lingering question that hits all of us without mercy. With that being said, it's time to do some eliminating! :)

So Who exactly meets all of the stingy requirements? Do any of these nominees qualify? As you already know, there is One who meets the required criteria. But how do we go about eliminating contestants?

First, we need to refresh our minds by listing the requirements. Then we can use the process of elimination to reach our final destination. First of all and most curiously, "The Answer" does not appear to be your typical tyrant. Although "The Answer" does indeed possess infinite power, "The Answer" does not manipulate others or use force to achieve His or Her goals. This is highly uncharacteristic of your typical power-hungry warmonger and is actually rather confusing at first. The surprises don't end here though. "The Answer" went on even further and did something that you wouldn't expect. With all of the power in the universe, with complete control and the ability to force all of creation to serve Itself, "The Answer" has instilled in us something called free will. While "The Answer" desires servitude and worship more than anything else, It did not choose to use force, and that is quite surprising.

In addition to the allowance of free will, "The Answer" possesses additional characteristics that we would not expect from the Creator of the universe. Instead of being full of pride, conceit, and malice, "The Answer" shows humility and love through Its actions. Although malice and deceit would be expected from such a powerful Being, they are nowhere to be found. Faithfulness and justice can be expected from "The Answer."

Although the nature of "The Answer" might have you shaking your head in disbelief, the real shocker is what I am about to mention next. Even with His supreme rule, even with an enormous army and complete invincibility; "The Answer" has shown all of us something that we would never have expected in our wildest dreams. Simply think of something that you would never expect out of God. The last thing that you would imagine Him or Her doing. What would it be?

If you are like me, you might have thought of something along the lines of sacrifice. "The Answer," God Himself, not only lived a perfect life on this earth but ended it with the greatest sacrifice that humanity will ever know. It is almost too much to fathom; something so unbelievable that you have to experience a true relationship with "The Answer" to really understand what I mean.

But why would "The Answer" do such a thing? To what point and purpose would such a sacrifice serve humanity? You should already know the answer. "The Answer" chose to sacrifice Himself because it was the only way to save humanity from itself. Remember my discussion of "perfection" earlier? Well, since none of us can achieve perfection, it is safe to say that all of us our imperfect beings. However, it goes much deeper than this. We are not only imperfect beings in our daily living; it turns out that we were disqualified from the moment of birth! We are all stained by something so evil and so hideous that only someone completely pure; Someone free from the bondage of this stain could provide the necessary sacrifice. My friend, that stain goes by a different name. In God's eyes, that stain is known as Sin. To God, nothing is more repulsive, nothing is more corrupt, nothing is more evil than sin. That is precisely why "The Answer" had to die. The only Person that was in a position to help us was "The Answer." Remember how I hammered away at words like "humility" and "brokenness" earlier? It eluded to this very fact! In our own strength, with our own capabilities and abilities, it is completely impossible for us to remain free of the stain of imperfection; the stain of sin. However, "The Answer" has done the unthinkable and has graciously provided a way out; a bridge if you will. "The Answer" has completed the task that allows us to be free! By believing in Him; by entrusting our life and our soul to Him, we can be freed of that empty void that all of us have at birth. It can be filled once and for all! And this time, it can be filled permanently!

Well, that is the Truth my friend. By now, you have to know the identity of "The Answer." If it wasn't as obvious as a monsoon before, it has to be now! Although the five candidates meet some of the requirements, only One can meet that final one. Mohammad, Buddha, and Joseph Smith receive the axe swiftly. Although Mary was known for her righteousness and purity, she simply could not meet that last requirement. However, she did give birth to "The Answer," and I am sure that if she was alive today, she would rejoice in that fact. Yes, dear ones, "The Answer" to all of the riddles, the One who gives us complete and permanent fulfillment, that would be none other than Jesus Christ!! He is Lord of all Creation; the King of Kings; and He certainly qualifies as being faithful and true. And He can give so much more meaning to our lives. Not only can we experience the richness of a personal relationship with the God of the universe but He will give us the strength and grace we need to bless others around us!

Well, that pretty much sums up everything that I wanted to share with you. I could have just made "The Question" a paragraph and said "Jesus is the Answer," but that wouldn't have been as fun now would it? I just wanted to make this journey a fun one and perhaps even use some riddles and logic for you rational types out there. ;) I'm sure that a lot of what I've said didn't make sense at first (probably still doesn' but the goal was simply to get you thinking. Trust me, I have been serving Jesus since I was five years old and I still have a lot to learn! And you know what? In fifty years times, I guarantee that that will still be the case! Remember that although logic does play a role in discovering Jesus, it can only take you so far. There does come a time and a place where faith becomes a necessity. However, it's not the blind faith that many have come to expect. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is truly that; personal! You'll know when the Lord is ministering to you; when He is leading you on or encouraging you when you are down. His Voice may not come in with the fanfare of trumpets and it may not be audible (I do not recall ever hearing the Lord speak audibly to me.), but that still-small subtle and yet so powerful...well, let's just say that you will know that it's Him. And His Presence...zowie! It is incredible my friend! To feel that much power coming from something unseen; let's just say that people don't really know what they are talking about when they say "Lord, appear to me." Lol...millions of people falling on their faces and proclaiming that Jesus is Lord come to mind here.

I could go on and on and talk forever about my Lord and Savior (He can be yours too you know!) but, for the sake of time and your eyes (I know how much I've been much for a short section of my website!), I would say that this is a great place to conclude "The Answer." If you are still confused and not quite sure how to respond to something like this, I do not blame you. It's a lot to digest in one sitting isn't it? What I would recommend is simply to talk to Jesus Himself. You may feel silly and that's okay, but I promise you that He is always waiting...always desiring more than anything to hear from you! Just talk to Him; ask Him to help you to see through to the Truth; past all of the religious mumbo-jumbo that seems to cause more harm than good most of the time; and to have the humility to accept his gift of salvation. Jesus is not about buildings, statues, tithes, denominations/religious sects, and the like. He dwells in the hearts of men and women and His goal is to touch our soul in such a way that we strive for holiness instead of the old sinful nature. It's all about the heart! Once we learn to listen to Jesus, everything else just falls into place like a beautiful painting!

If you have any further questions or just would like to discuss these things with me, please do not hesitate to email me at I would love to hear from you! However, if you really want answers, I recommend going to "The Answer" Himself! He truly is "The Answer" to all things; both past and present; the Alpha and Omega. May God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and give you peace my friend. I pray that someday, you and I will meet each other on the other side (or perhaps even on this earth!) and be able to share laughs about the time you stumbled onto this site. What a day that will be! God Bless and do enjoy the other areas of The Tigmo Dimension!

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