Console: NES 

Company: Nintendo of America  

Release Date: October 1985

Genre: Sports 

Number of Players: 1 or 2

Save Feature? Hahahahaha!!

Hoo boy!! 10-Yard Fight has the dubious distinction of being one of the most nostalgic yet horrid games ever released for the NES. In terms of gameplay and lasting value (please don't make me laugh!), this football "classic" has literally nothing to offer. However, the hilarity and incessant laughing that this game has brought upon myself and my cousins is its one saving grace. If you need something to laugh about, try this one on for size!

Overview: October 1985 was possibly the greatest milestone in video game history. After the great video game crash of 1984, many critics felt that the video game industry was washed up; that it had gone the way of the dinosaur and had outlived its usefulness. Like any great craze of the day, it had risen to the top and had fallen with a mighty crash. The time had come to hand over the reins to the next great thing.

And then, when all hope seemed lost, something happened that diehard Cyndi Lauper fans didn't expect. Okay, that was cheesy. Anyway, in October 1985, some video game console dubbed the NES came out. Something silly and obscure like that. :) Although it didn't change the world overnight, games like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda brought a breath of fresh air back into a seemingly dead industry. NES games had a lot to offer in terms of graphical capabilities, nifty controls, and a plethora of intuitive accessories (R.O.B. anyone?) Of course, there was the gameplay too. A lot of the first generation NES games were simply fun to play! I grew up jamming with my cousins to classics such as Gumshoe, Balloon Fight, Mach Rider, Wild Gunman, and Hogan's Alley (three of those games were Zapper games btw). Even my grandpa got into these games. As a matter of fact, he is the one who really got us all excited about the NES. Nintendo could simply do no wrong in our eyes.

And then there was 10-Yard Fight. Like the narrator in the movie "Babe" said, "There are plenty of perfectly good cats in the world, but every barrel has its share of bad apples." The same can certainly be said of the NES and 10-Yard Fight. Even though most of the early games were a blast, there were a few "mushy apples" (as our friend Calvin would say) to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, 10-Yard Fight qualifies (although it may not have been as bad as Volleyball...ugh).

So what is the problem with this game you ask? Just about everything!! Even by 1985 standards, everything about this game simply reeks! Hideous graphics, pathetic music, gameplay that only a yak could love...need I say more? Granted, it is much more playable than Back to the Future and the aforementioned Volleyball but still, this one was pretty scary. All I can say is thank you Lord for Tecmo Super Bowl!! :)


Graphics: Remember the first time you fired up Mega Man 3, Blaster Master, or Super Mario Bros. 3? Perhaps you were so amazed; so enamored that you actually had a difficult time getting any words out of your mouth. For that one moment, everything was right with the world. Pleasant colors, a wonderful atmosphere; an aura of excellence swept over you. You just smiled and had such feelings of ecstacy. In other words, you were speechless for that one moment in time.

Well, imagine the opposite side of the spectrum. Everything is so jumbled and garbled and ugly and just so...so...so hideous that you're speechless for an entirely different reason! Heh, heh...yep, 10-Yard Fight met those expectations and then some. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse than playing E.T. for the Atari 2600, there was...dahdahdahdah...10-Yard Fight!

Okay, granted, it's not the worst ever but man, are the graphics ever ugly! Nintendo must have used about 1.2% of the NES' capabilities for this sucker. Not only are the players miniscule (try playing this bad boy with a portable television) but they look like the hunchback of Notre Dame! I know that the Irish were dominating back then but c'mon! ;) At least they made the field green. And I half-expected to see the Boise State field in this one.

However, I do have to say that the animation is "only" slightly below average! Now don't get too spoiled now! Seriously, the animation is pretty grotesque but...heck, it was 1985. I'll be merciful.

Music: Granted, the little diddies that play during kickoffs and after touchdowns aren't too bad for their time (quite nostalgic actually) but the main problem I have is with the sheer lack of music. With the exception of those two 3 second tunes, there is literally no music in the game whatsoever! Nothing!! Isn't that terrible? Well...uh...hmmm...perhaps this isn't such a bad thing after all. No music is disappointing but it's better than music that grates on the nerves right? After all, since 10-Yard Fight already has horrible graphics, we would hate to create "sensory overload" now wouldn't we?

Alright...that was pretty low but it's not as low as the game's sound effects. Every time I play this game (once a decade...anything more is too much), I get the sudden urge to watch "The Great Escape" for some reason. Seriously, the sound effects have the feel of an army on the move or something. The beat is actually kind of catchy for some reason but still, it's nothing to write home about.

Play Control: Surprisingly, the controls are actually semi-decent in this game. As long as you can move around and throw the ball, there's not too much to complain about. Granted, the player(s) you control move way too slowly (hmm...must all be 300 pound offensive linemen) and you've got to pass like a surgeon (make sure your receiver is directly above you with no defenders within 10 yards) but hey, we're trying to be positive here!!

I guess the only real problem I have is that there is hardly any variety in the game's controls. It just doesn't feel very intuitive. Heck, the Intellivision Football game was very well done...there were a whole slew of plays in that oldie! At least a little bit of time and effort would have been nice.

Challenge: With the horrid graphics, pathetic music (I mean sound effects), and boring controls, actually forcing yourself to play this game for more than five minutes at a time is a serious, serious challenge. In all seriousness, 10-Yard Fight can actually pose quite a challenge at the upper levels (the Super Bowl can be pretty tricky). I remember playing this game way back in 1986 or so and having all kinds of trouble in that last game. Of course, I was still five years old at the time but, still this game was tough man!! Overall, the game has an average challenge level I suppose. Not super tough and not a cakewalk either. Fairly balanced I guess.

Storyline: As you can probably guess, there is no story in 10-Yard Fight. This is 1985 man!!

Funfactor: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Negatives: Just read the review will ya? [EVEN THE BOX ART IS BAD!]

Ratings: Graphics: 2.2 Music: 2.3 Play Control: 2.7 Challenge: 3.3 Storyline: N/A Funfactor: 2.3 Overall Score: 12.8 out of 25.0 (2.6 average) Overall Rating: Frightful Failure


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