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Just when you thought it was safe to surf the vastness of cyberspace; just when you started feeling comfortable with that new, high-tech, 20 gazillabyte computer of yours, you encountered a strange and wondrous new world. Vibrant colors, detailed video game reviews, a noticeable lack of grammatical errors; it must, it has to be the website of legend: The Tigmo Dimension!! You have discovered a treasure trove of age-old mysteries, wonders beyond your wildest dreams, and Chrono Trigger reviews! Seriously, The Tigmo Dimension is packed to the teeth with detailed, professional-looking video game reviews ranging from the classic NES and Super NES consoles to the newer PS2, Wii, and 3DS systems! You will also find out-of-this-world music packing more punch than a supernova, inspiring stories about this Tigmo character (discover the one responsible for this insanity), and links to other dimensions in cyberspace. So pull up a chair and throw that frozen pizza in the oven, because once you get a taste of The Tigmo Dimension, you won't want to go anywhere else (for a while anyway!). For those who possess the courage, the tenacity, and a special place in their heart for the Mega Man series, welcome to the one and only Tigmo Dimension website!!

What's New?

If you want to check up on the latest happenings in the world of Tigmo, visit this section first!

Video Game Review Station

This is without a doubt the heart and soul of The Tigmo Dimension. Featuring detailed, professional-looking video game reviews from a myriad of video game consoles both old and new (with a plethora of sensational screenshots to boot!), this particular section of the website is an absolute MUST-SEE if you enjoy video games to any degree! Simply click on the above link and prepare to be amazed!

Tigmo's YouTube Channel

Who doesn't love YouTube? This amazing service contains videos for pretty much anything and everything! And I am proud to finally present my very own YouTube channel! Featuring my personal video game exploits in addition to the hilarious "Passionate Announcer" videos (think of video games combined with humorous announcing!), this YouTube channel was created specifically for all of you! Enjoy my friends...enjoy! :)

eBay Items for Sale

Ever since that fateful day in October of 1997, I have been a member and a huge fan of eBay! The concept of an online auction with just about every conceivable item available for purchase has got to be one of the greatest ideas of all time. The above link will take you directly to my personal list of items up for auction on eBay! I tend to sell mostly video game-related items but there's always the occasional DVD or CD. Perhaps by some odd stroke of luck, I am currently selling something on your personal wish list!

Personal Info

After browsing through my wacky intro excerpt, you are probably at least a little curious about the one responsible, right? :) Well, this is the place where you can learn more about yours truly. I will discuss the mysterious "Question," my personal basketball journey, and the good old "Nintendo Days." If you need to be encouraged or inspired, definitely check it out!

Tigmo's Jukebox

As the title indicates, this section of Tigmoland contains a fantastic archive of my favorite video game music in MIDI and MP3 format! If you enjoy classic (and modern!) game music, you've found a gold mine!

The Galactic Guestbook

Here is your chance to provide me with some much-needed (and much-appreciated!) feedback! Let me know what you think about the site and feel free to offer any ideas/suggestions/review requests that you might have. I would love to hear from you! The main link above allows you to sign the guestbook...or you could simply view it if you wish.


Yes, even a place as zany as The Tigmo Dimension has a Links section. I have carefully handpicked all of the websites listed in this area and I can safely say that only the best ones made the cut. There are some very cool sites listed here so definitely check this section out...once you've bookmarked The Tigmo Dimension of course! ;)


Even though I maintain this site myself, I will be the first to say that The Tigmo Dimension would not have been possible without the help and encouragement of others. I have many cyberpals who have allowed me to use various pictures and music files to spice things up a bit while others have simply provided me with positive feedback and much-needed encouragement. This section is dedicated to them: the Unsung Heroes of The Tigmo Dimension!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please sign my guestbook or email me at I always enjoy hearing from my visitors and I am all ears when it comes to suggestions. After all, this site is for YOU! :)

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